There is a flurry of activity going on now at AYP! Half of our weddings have already taken place and we are working diligently on putting the finishing touches on the beautiful images to deliver to our amazing couples. We are busy preparing for our upcoming weddings and meeting with our 2017 couples. At the same time we have begun our senior portrait sessions, we are collaborating on a fun project with Kat Kattler Photography, we are readying our new studio for official opening (even though we’ve already had 4 shoots there!) and in addition, we have some pretty big projects going on at the home front. If you know us, you know we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are sincerely grateful for all the opportunities and the people we have in our lives.
Yesterday, I was asked how we do it all. Firstly, this is nothing out of the ordinary for us. There are soooo many people we know tackling and juggling soooo much more. And most importantly, we truly love what we do. Truly. All of the energy that surrounds us, from our clients and friends and families keeps us excited and fueled! 
Secondly, speaking just for myself, I find my inspiration when I watch my husband in action. He has endless stamina! Everyone who knows him, knows what I’m talking about. I find inspiration in my daughter and son-in-law who are working incredibly hard to achieve their goals and dreams. I find inspiration in the places we go, the people we meet and through music. And I find tremendous inspiration in hearing our clients stories. 
After a photo session, wedding or event, when I’m culling images I need complete solitude. I need to remain focused on finding the very best images that represent the beauty and joy of each session. But when I’m editing or preparing the studio for a shoot, that’s a different story. I love the music blaring or a compelling Amazon audio book running in the background. During these glorious summer days, when I need a break, I hop in my convertible and take a drive through the country, breathing in the sweet smells and soaking up the warmth of the sun (sometimes it means having to have the ac going with the top down but it’s still a welcomed break). And very often have a pretty picture close by of a place that inspires me. It always reminds me of the fun we had on that outing and of the abundant blessings God has given me in my life. 
Here’s my photo for today…. taken in HarwichPort, Cape Cod in May 2106. I hope it inspires you too!
Wishing you all a glorious day!
2016-05-29-CapeCod-and-Landscapes 03
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Dorothy is such a dainty little girl with the absolute sweetest smile we have ever laid eyes on! She and her mom and dad came all the way from Kennebunk, ME for her one year old birthday/cake smash session. It was such a blast! At first Dorothy wasn’t entirely thrilled with the smashing of the cake (further evidence that she is a dainty little girl!) but as soon as mom and dad encouraged her to get into it she had much fun grabbing a chunk and wringing her hands with the creamy frosting! We call this session, sugar and spice and everything nice! Just take a peek at this pretty little lady!

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It’s not a secret that weddings take a lot of planning and there can be a lot of stress the day of with worry over the details coming together. But if you had the great fortune to attend Lindsey and Marco’s wedding last June you’d be hard pressed to see or feel any stress. This day was the opposite of stressful. It was overflowing with love, laughter and family. Every detail at this celebration of love was absolutely perfect!

And dancing!  Sooo much joyous dancing! We’re not talking the eighth grade sway type of dancing. This was skilled, jaw-dropping, dancing with stars, rug-cutting! We’re not quite sure how they pulled this all off as Lindsey and Marco are owners of a popular local restaurant and package store. In addition to their very busy work lives and planning their wedding, they bought and moved into a new home before the wedding! All we can say is wow! And thank you for allowing us the honor to capture your very special day. 2016-04-07_0005



LMF22 June 06- 2015


2016-04-07_0023 2016-04-07_0028

2016-04-07_0018 2016-04-07_0003 2016-04-07_0004 2016-04-07_0007 2016-04-07_0006 2016-04-07_0015

2016-04-07_0020 2016-04-07_0026 2016-04-07_0025 2016-04-07_0022

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It’s spring spruce up time at Andrea York Photography!

Please excuse any delays or interruptions on our site as we doll up our site and post some new pretty pictures over the next few days!

As always, you may reach us at

Thank you for your support and patience!

Happy Spring! AJY_4951

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Are you ready for some major cuteness? We’ve got some coming your way.

First let’s back up. One year ago a dear friend called to ask us to capture Miss Lillie’s newborn photo’s in her home in Newtown, Connecticut. We couldn’t have been more excited. At just 7 days old Lillie was already a rock star. Here’s a glimpse of the beautiful Miss Lillie one year ago on her vintage newborn session. Such a joy to capture images of this perfect newborn baby!

2016-03-17_0002 2016-03-17_0004Fast forward one year. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Get ready for Lillie’s vintage-inspired 1-year-old session complete with sweet smiles, perfect posing and a few first-time facial expressions that she saved just for her photo shoot. For this session, Lillie brought along her Meme and Mom to our Western Massachusetts studio. During the entire session I kept wishing that we had a video of all of our reactions to the many adorable faces of Lillie! She kept us all laughing hysterically!

We just knew that mom would have very sweet outfits picked out for Lillie to wear but I have to say that my heart melted when she put this dress on her, complete with Polly Flinders style smocking, puffed sleeves and a back tied bow. And then she finished with the prettiest of hair bows!

2016-03-17_0006 2016-03-17_0005

Seriously, don’t these remind you of those gorgeous vintage valentines postcards? Every one of these photo’s make my heart sing! Look at her holding that tea-cup like a southern bell!


This surprise look was a surprise to Mom and Meme too. They said they had never seen it before. We’re so glad Miss Lillie decided to show it off during her one year old  photo session!


We have found that our 1 year olds either love their cake, or hate their cake. Lillie was a little on the fence about the sugary sweetness. She was very dainty at first but shortly after we placed the beautiful cake in front of her, she grabbed a fistful frosting and then quickly tossed it aside. I think the feeling of the frosting was a bit of a shock too! But all in all the smash was a success (judged by the amount of frosting that she had between her toes!).


So did Lillie enjoy her photo session? You be the judge!……


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