Guide to a Stress-Free Family Portrait
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"The "photo shoot" in itself was an excellent experience for my HS daughter. From make-up and hair prep to the outdoor experience at the site...she was made to feel like a model
( a priceless memory).
And as the adoring mom, it was rewarding to see her soaking in all the attention!
The beautiful Senior Photos were like an added bonus; perfectly done, efficiently sent, and again, priceless. Our sincere thank you to Andrea and "crew"!"
- Terry Hooper - (mother of aWHS Class of 2022 Senior)

Time is fleeting. In the end, we are left with photographs and memories. A professional photography experience is a genuine gift of love that keeps on giving - to you, to your family and to
your future generations.

portraits should
reflect your uniqueness

Sassy? Elegant? Athletic? Fashionable? Whatever your personality, we’ll capture it. We ask questions, listen to your fears, your hopes and your vision.
Then we craft your custom photography experience, including hair and makeup, wardrobe and the perfect location.
Who ARE you? Once we know
we will capture stunning images of 
you and all of  your authentic
one-of-a-kindness beauty. 


we believe

You Should Frame Your Family

Ditch the department store "Art".
The best way to elevate your home decor
is to adorn your walls with custom framed photography of your beautiful family. 
Art really doesn’t get more priceless than that! And you’ll be amazed at how much your custom wall art will increase in sentimental value as the years pass. Make the ultimate, exclusive design statement in your home with luxury portraiture framed to reflect your home's style. 



Great Photography Is Confidence Boosting

Did you know that psychologists advise you place a portrait of your family next to your child’s bed so they sleep and wake to a feeling of being loved and valued seeing the people they belong to?
For teens, navigating school, activities and social life is challenging. Add peer comparison/pressure and confidence can really be shaken. A custom photography experience with stunning images can empower teens and boost their esteem.