Our joy comes from capturing yours!


Like other small business owners, I've dreamed of owning my own business since childhood.  Combined with my deep love of photography and my desire to serve others, it was a no-brainer that Andrea York Photography came to be.  I'm grateful to have arrived in this astounding place in time, with camera in hand, surrounded by and serving interesting, extraordinary, beautiful people. I have the enviable assignment of getting to stop time as a gift for future generations. (I really DO understand the assignment!). I’m grateful for all of the detours, even the ones that I didn't understand at the time and for all of the people who have guided, supported and lifted me up along the way. All of those life experiences and human connections have led me to realize my lifelong dreams.  

Now myself and my team get to help you with your dream of decorating your home and office walls with beautiful, valuable and precious art - portraits of your beautiful family! At Andrea York Photography we go to great lengths to make the portrait process easy and the experience epic. We will come to your home for your style and planning session where we will listen to your vision for your family portraits and wall art. We will ease your wardrobe selection stress. And once we hear all about what makes your senior and/or family unique, we suggest the perfect location (studio or outdoors) and custom craft a portrait experience that checks all the boxes for you.

But the fun doesn't stop on the day of the photoshoot. During the ordering session, we not only reveal your portraits from which to make your selections (prepare for a lot of laughter and maybe even some happy tears as you relive that epic day) you will also see frames and wall art arrangements that we have custom-designed for you and your home! Of course after that there is art installation day in your home - the day that your dream of family portraits adorning your walls comes true! 

We can't wait to meet you! Our joy comes from capturing yours!




"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe,
and my camera is my passport."

- Steve McCurry

A FEW OF MY favorite influences
As evidence in my photography

TRAVel, exploration and 

sunshine & sunsets

& interior design

 Light, Shadow