2024 - the year of family portraits

the who, what,
where, when
and why ABOUT US!


Here is the 'us' I speak of... 
Andrea (that’s me!)- Owner and Photographer
Donald- Husband, Sometimes Assistant, Sometimes Sherpa, Chauffeur, Set Builder and Photographer
Jess- New Mama!, Studio Assistant, Harnesser of Light, Social Media Guru, Problem Solver, Client Liaison
Dani- Photo Retoucher Extraordinaire and Genius Systems and Program Issue Problem Solver
Tracy - Hair and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire, The Woman Who Sees And Enhances The Beauty In Everyone  
Grant & Brennan - Our summer/fall interns that kept my sanity during our busy season. 
There is not enough time or room for me to describe talent and strength of  this team but I will make this bold statement: To know us is to love us!

What is a typical portrait experience like with Andrea York Photography? Honestly we have no idea.
No two have ever been alike. What does that mean for you? Whatever you’d like it to mean. 
One thing is for sure, these are not your parent’s senior or family portraits. Let’s dream up something big together!  

The consultation may take place in your home or in our Westfield gallery. The photo shoot? Everywhere! We travel all over the upper east coast to beautiful locations that are perfect for your portrait experience. (and we're open to any destination you may have in mind- an exotic island is not out of the question!)

Now! If not now, then when? Don’t let someday become never. Give us a call and we’ll chat about how you can finally have the portraits of your dreams in 2024.
For us the why is because we sincerely love making portrait visions come true! 
For you, the why could be any number of reasons but we think the best reason is to capture this time in your beautiful family's life. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Don't let the opportunity to capture family portraits become a regret.  


I am a professional portrait photographer serving Western MA and Northern CT.

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The AYP Goal

Amaze and astonish every client.

The AYP Mantra

Our joy comes from capturing yours! 

The AYP Mission

Make genuine connections with our clients. 

Make the client's experience stress-free.

Exceed client's expectations.

Deliver an exceptional,
unique-to-each-client experience.

Create stunning, boast-worthy portraits.

Adorn client's walls with art that they will see, love and brag on everyday.

 Utilize our talents to give back to the community and our neighbors in need. 

 Have fun.