"you oughta be in pictures!"
Seeing your beautiful family as works of art on your walls everyday is like a big warm hug - for you, for them and for all that visit your home!

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The Predicament

So a funny/crazy/maddening/frustrating/ridiculous thing happen to our senior Instagram feed. It’s gone. Yep. Gonzo! Buh-bye! Love, peace and hair grease gone! All those beautiful faces have disappeared from our haphazardly curated (oxymoron, we know) instagram feed. 

The saga began with a 24 hour time out / slap-on-the-wrist for violating terms of agreement (which term(s) we may never figure out) to our account being deactivated. We’ve done EVERYTHING we can to appeal the decision but alas, no human being is on the other side of the forms and applications (and photo’s of us holding an inmate-style numbers with both hands visible in a well lit area) that we have submitted numerous times weekly. 

Not JUST Pretty Pictures

The loss of our senior Instagram feed, reels and highlights is enough to make us mourn the thousands of hours we had invested in an authentic labor of love. But we can almost move past all that. What is keeping us awake at night is that we have lost touch with all of our favorite people, most especially our high school seniors, past and present. If you follow us you know we revel in celebrating all of our senior’s successes and staying connected with all of our followers but those beautiful cyber-connections have vanished. That is a level of sad that we can’t quite get over. 

All of this may sound overly-dramatic, especially given world events at this time. We recognize that. But for us, the images that we feature on Instagram aren’t merely stunning portraits of amazing kids. Those images are a ‘snapshot’ (see what we did there?) of some of the most incredible relationships and exciting experiences that we have had the privilege to forge with high school seniors and their families. Are you of the camp that you meet people for a reason? Yep. Us too. 

Plan B. We Need Your Help!

Since it’s been in excess of two months since we’ve lost touch, we figured it is time to move on to plan B. We’ve filled our new feed on our new Instagram site: andreayorkseniors with equally haphazardly curated (consistency is key!) images of many of our senior’s beautiful faces (we still have many more images to fill in, this is a starting point).  We really, really need your help! If you were following us before, we’d be so very grateful if you would follow our new feed and ask 3-5 (or more!!) of your friends to do the same. In our dreams we would be back around 1700 followers by the end of July. We know it’s a big ask but if you’ve had your portraits taken with us, you know we’re all about going big!  

Exciting Times Ahead

Speaking of big, we have such amazing things in the works for this senior and family portrait season! Our class of 2023 bookings are underway now! (fyi – if your thinking beach photos, don’t wait!). Watch here for more information about what we are cooking up for the season.

From the bottom of our ever-expanding hearts, we thank you for the privilege of your support friendship!

Our joy comes from photographing yours! 

Emma Renaud @ Andrea York Photography


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